Are you pregnant?

Congratulations! You are pregnant and that is a very special, life-changing event.

An important and exciting period but also one crowded with things that have to be done and taken care of. The regular visits to your obstetrician, getting your layette ready, and all preparations for the birth. One of the important things to arrange is your maternity care. Of course, you want to be optimally prepared for your delivery and your new baby. Maternity care organisation “De Waarden” would be most happy to help you with all these things. We consider personal and expert care our very first priority. On top of that, we offer many extras, e.g. free adjustable bed risers, 24/7 start-up care and breastfeeding consultants. 

The best maternity care for you and your baby!

Nothing but the best, isn’t that what you want? Maternity care organisation “De Waarden” would like to offer you a happy, carefree maternity period. Our work is inspired by the awareness that each and every pregnancy and birth is unique.  Therefore, our care worker will always, in consultation with you, adjust her care to your expectations and requirements. We try hard to make one and the same care worker a familiar face in your family. Our care provider will watch over an atmosphere of rest and order in your family, so that you can recover from the birth and can fully enjoy your baby and your maternity period. Afterwards, you will be ready to make a self-assured and independent start in your new family situation.

We wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth, and a happy and carefree maternity period.

What “De Waarden” can mean to you:

  • A happy and carefree maternity period
  • Care adjusted to your requirements and expectations
  • Many extras for your pregnancy and maternity period
  • Fully certified, expert and experienced care workers that take pride in their work
  • Expert lactation consultants and breastfeeding courses
  • Satisfied clients
  • A good employer
  • A financially healthy organisation 

Maternity period

Nothing but the best: isn’t that the start you want to make with your new family?

Our care provider will ensure a calm environment for your family so that you can recover and can fully enjoy your baby and your maternity period. Afterwards, you will be ready to make a confident and independent start with your new family situation. Our care provider will help you recover from the birth and will support you in enjoying your baby and your maternity period to the full. You are always welcome, at the intake interview or during the maternity period itself, to discuss your specific expectations and requirements, the things that are important to you.

What else can you expect from your maternity nurse?

  • she helps you and your baby with your personal care
  • she does all the daily checks and includes the information in your personal care plan
  • she teaches you how to take good care of your baby
  • she is a source of information, advice, and useful tips
  • she supports you in breastfeeding or formula feeding
  • she keeps an eye on your health and that of the baby and she sees to it that you get enough rest
  • she offers a listening ear
  • she welcomes visitors
  • she takes care of light household duties
  • she supports the other members of your family and involves them in the care for you and your baby
  • she offers a welcome bit of pampering!

Contact us

Does our vision of maternity care appeal to you? You are most welcome to contact us! Just click this button and we will be happy to offer you a free gift at the intake. 

Contact us here or by phone: 088 - 130 17 17.

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Did you know we have our own app?

BabyManager is the app for new parents and parents to be developed by Kraamzorg de Waarden. Based on the knowledge and care of hundreds of maternity care professionals. It contains information about pregnancy, childbirth and your newborn baby throughout its first year. Got a burning question in the middle of the night? Our highly skilled professionals are available 24/7 per chat or video call.

Reimbursed by your health insurer

In exchange for one hour of maternity care, you will receive two months of BabyManager+ Informative, including unlimited 24/7 chat with our maternity care professionals. Arranged by your maternity care organization.

Apply for the 2 month BabyManager+ Informative by filling in this form.

Since the 1st of July 2023 it is possible to expand the digitale maternity care with video calls, this is reimbursed by the health care insurer. When there is a shortage in the maternity care at home, we can provide you with a 24/7 service to videocall with the maternity care professionals of BabyManager.

Available for iOS & Android. Download BabyManager.

General conditions

Kraamzorg de Waarden uses the General conditions for maternity care  of  Bo Geboortezorg 2018

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