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On top of all expectations

Haarlem - So sad to read a reviews with one star in google, but it’s understandable that not everybody have that “click” with another person who is coming in their house! In our case was “on top of all expectations”!!! We had lady Barbara coming to our house after we arrived home, and from very begining it was brilliant! Maybe just because my expectation was not that high as the others have. All I needed from her was help with baby, but not to clean the house, cook, do grociery and my manicure:)) even though she was still doing a lot: laundry, tidying babys room, making fruit coctails to me, going to shop for necesary things for baby! The atmosphere in the house was so nice, that healing after c-section took minimum time! And all those tips about breastfeeding schedule and ways, making my baby calm, bath, and ect. was just enormous usefull! I really feel so confident now about my self being alone with my baby and my household! Thank you so much De Waarden, but the most BARBARA!!! We will miss you!


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