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Extremely lucky

Vleuten - I gave birth to our son, Khaya, on 5th January this year. We received kraamzorg from 5th - 12th January with Kraamzorg De Waarden.  I just wanted to send an email to you as an organisation to express my extreme appreciation for everything our maternity care nurse did for us during the kraamweek. Being alone in the Netherlands with no parents close by, along with a looming pandemic, she made the experience so special. Our home felt "gezellig" for the first time in a very long time. I just wanted to make you aware of her professionalism, helpfulness and caring attributes. As an organisation, you are extremely lucky to have her around. My husband and myself learnt so much during that week and being our first child, that was important to us. I hope this message finds itself to her as well as I could not contact her directly of course.

I will most definitely be referring De Waarden to anyone needing kraamzorg in the future, including myself.

Kindest regards,

Thandi (and Quiran & Khaya)

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Kraamzorg aanvragen?

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